Mental Health law is a difficult and sensitive area of law, and requires: deep knowledge of complex statute, jurisprudence and public policy issues; a sensitive approach to extremely vulnerable clients; determination to prevail in the difficult legal aid environment; a deep awareness of the balance between individual rights and the wider public interest; and perhaps most strikingly, an ability to stand alone, in closed tribunals, against the full weight of powerful state institutions. Whilst many may find this difficult, Gurvinder draws upon all his experience and welcomes the challenge.

Other than his passion for mental health, Gurvinder is a volunteer for Rethink and Southampton Sikh Seva, In the former, he provides his specialist advice and guidance on mental health law and in relation to the latter, he assist’s in preparing fresh food and serving homeless people within Southampton and the wider community on a weekly basis. As recognition for all of his endeavours he was nominated for Civil Lawyer of the Year at the Society of Asian Lawyers 2019.